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Order and Buy TERRA PRETA – English

With our original terra preta products you purchase, the modern and superior versions of the Amazonian Black Earth, where moistu

re holding capacity, nutrient content, aeration and physical composition of modern scientific knowledge are optimized for your plants. Terra Preta order and buy.

Our manufactured exclusively from natural materials and organic products are used where there is a targeted and sustainabl e soil improvement. It starts with the use as a plant and potting soil in the home gardening and houseplants and goes to agricultural use.

Our terra preta products you can make an important ecological contribution to climate protection, for black soils, significant amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) permanently store in the soil. To be self-help to maintain an ecological recycling plants around the basic building block of carbon and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.

In the late ’90s we started a technology for the production of various terra preta to develop products and improve our products, taking into account current scientific knowledge on and on.


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