New Black Earth Stories

Black Earth is an extremely nutrient-rich soil, which can help to feed the growing world population. Of which many scientists believe, no less than a revolution in agriculture instigate they want. Forests are considered to be low in nutrients. Only a thin layer of mold covered the ground. Researchers were even more surprised when she discovered deep in the Amazon basin, the pre-colonial ruins of entire garden cities.

Caused by the so-called “terra preta”, an extremely rich, man-made earth from crushed coal plants, food waste, human and animal excreta. Dares you to this earth so much, scientists have made numerous publications. Terra Preta has become a kind of participatory movement that fits perfectly in just booming “urban gardening” movement. Especially since the discovery of the Terra Petra has triggered a worldwide movement to stop climate change with black earth, replace agrochemicals and genetic engineering and agricultural companies will make it unnecessary. The aim is a peaceful revolution of agriculture and garden crops, which can contribute to each.

World shrinks from 5 to 50 centimeters thin, fertile topsoil. Fertilizers and pesticides, plows and heavy agricultural implements steadily reduce the diverse soil life. In a square earth healthy living billion micro organisms develop the plant nutrients. Without humus there would be no food. Industrial agriculture but destroys it, thus promoting erosion. Genetic Engineering and monocultures in turn lead to species impoverishment in the food plants and in nature.

How can you make black earth itself? The basic requirement is always coal plants, which is obtained by carbonization of plant and wood waste. Each kilogram of plant produced coal extracts, so scientists reported, the atmosphere around 4 kilograms of carbon dioxide. It takes ages for the additive introduced into the soil carbon is released again. If the coal plant composted with other organic waste and microorganisms of air, created Terra Preta. In the numerous pores of the coal are settling in microorganisms, water accumulates and nutrients are stored. This ensures moist, fertile soil. The humus layer is growing.

The scientists believe that the yields increase on such soils so clearly that the food supply for a growing world population could be saved by it. Full-bodied they call a target of saving the world with climate gardeners and produce healthy food. These publications provide many practical examples of how to pull through black earth colorful flowers, herbs or vegetables in his garden, in raised beds of urban wasteland, even on the windowsill.